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Conservative and Aggressive Mid-Cap Growth Options

Linda Abu Mushrefova

Linda Abu Mushrefova: Prudential Jennison Mid Cap Growth and Hartford MidCap are both solid options in the mid-cap growth Morningstar Category and both have a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Bronze.

Prudential Jennison Mid Cap Growth offers attractive downside protection and has rewarded investors over time. The team uses a disciplined approach in which they seek to identify names that demonstrate steady growth. These names make up the bulk of the fund's portfolio with a smaller portion made up of names that have higher growth prospects but are riskier. Valuation is also a key consideration with the team modeling names out on a three-year time horizon. This is a measured approach that is a good option for investors seeking a moderate risk/reward profile in the mid-cap growth space.

Hartford MidCap takes a slightly different approach to the mid-cap growth space. Their process emphasizes identifying companies that have demonstrated a high or growing market share and uses a variety of valuation metrics to inform the team on valuation. The team is experienced and has rewarded investors over the long haul. However, it has done so by outpacing peers on the upside but has not offered downside protection. 

Investors seeking a relatively more conservative option that offers downside protection at the expense of some of the upside might be best served in Prudential Jennison Mid Cap Growth. Conversely, investors seeking a relatively more aggressive strategy that has outperformed peers on the upside at the expense of downside protection should consider Hartford MidCap. Both are backed by experienced teams and have reasonable fees. We expect both funds to deliver over time.