Fed Brief

  • 11-20-2017 14:58:23 PM ET

    Fed Chair Janet Yellen announced she will be resigning from the Board of Governors, effective when Jerome Powell is sworn in as Chair of the Board of Governors.While Ms. Yellen didn't get the renomination to be Fed Chair, she still had the right to remain as...

Bond Market Update

  • The Market at 15:23 ET

    10-Year: -7/32…2.343…EUR/USD: 1.1924USD/JPY: 111.56

    Treasury Market Stands Its Ground

    • -- Bond market to close at 14:00 ET (NYSE will close at 13:00 ET)

The Bond Column

  • 11-15-2017 17:07:22 PM ET

    The Week in Review/Week Ahead

    Ho low can you go? That's an oft-repeated phrase in a limbo contest, yet it's creeping up more and more these days with respect to the yield curve. We've been harping on the narrowing spre...

Treasury Yield