Friday, August 29, 2014
Video Report
This health-care REIT, MLP, and oil-services firm stand out as relative bargains in today's richly valued market, says Morningstar's Matt Coffina.
Fund Spy
These funds continued to get inflows after the managers responsible for their records departed.
Morningstar Minute: ETF Favorites
No other fund is as efficiently managed or offers such broad diversification to U.S. stocks as Vanguard Total Stock Market.
Heard of the Boards
What steps, if any, are you taking to make working in retirement possible?
    Morningstar Minute
    Wide Moat Spotlight
    A long-trusted brand and unparalleled dealer network give ag-equipment maker Deere & Co. an edge over competitors.
      Morningstar Specialists
      Christine Benz: Real-life Finance
      Emerging markets look relatively inexpensive right now. Here are Morningstar analysts' best ideas.
        Rekenthaler Report
        The cost is what counts.
          Sam Lee: Rational Investing
          It's all about low costs, a sensible strategy, and sound ethics.
            Bob Johnson: Reading Indicators
            Paradoxically, weak overseas economics have probably helped the U.S. at least as much as it has hurt, writes Morningstar's Bob Johnson.
              Matt Coffina: Wide-Moat Investing
              Although a drawdown in the short term is a real possibility, investors should still see a 4.5% to 6% real return over the long run, says Morningstar's Matt Coffina.
                Russ Kinnel: Fund Investing
                Morningstar's director of manager research bought shares of a Silver-rated and a Gold-rated foreign-stock fund.
                  Josh Peters: Dividend Investing
                  Kinder’s reorganization brings upside potential, but even after the change, its payout coverage is too thin for conservative income investors, says Morningstar DividendInvestor editor Josh Peters.
                    Stock Strategist
                    Merger agreement puts Canadian restaurant in the Top 3 and enhances its moat.
                      ETF Investing
                      As the sector has continued to best the broader market, a look both at the dynamics that would drive further outperformance by the sector and at funds that investors can use to tap those themes.
                        ETF Spotlight
                        By investing in Build America Bonds, this fund gets exposure to taxable municipal bonds with interest payments subsidized by the federal government.
                          Mutual Funds
                          Fund Spy
                          Alternatives have defied the trend of making low costs king.
                            Real Life Finance
                            The Short Answer
                            This high-income vehicle warrants close scrutiny given interest-rate uncertainty.
                              Our study shows that diversified portfolios perform just fine.
                                Perspectives: Knowledge@Wharton
                                Argentina's default issues will probably be resolved without major disruptions, but some major risks remain.
                                  Closed-End Funds
                                  CEF Weekly
                                  Deciding whether return of capital is "good" or "bad" is not black-and-white.
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